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XNA 3D World Studio Content Pipeline

This code will import a 3D World Studio file into XNA. It reads the .3dw file used by 3d world studio. It can import geometry, lightmaps, model placement, entities, and terrains. It also supports trigger and ladder brushes. It will create collision models for the brushes and lighting information for normal maps.

It uses xml files to define model and texture parameters and will automatically build any textures and models instanced in the 3dw file.

For information on 3D World Studio go here:

This is only a content importer. It is not a game engine. The data it creates must be converted to whatever format your game engine requires. With this you can create a level in 3d world studio and draw it on the screen. There is no collision detection, lighting, etc. The content pipeline supports a simple version of radiosity normal maps, but the example does not use the information since it only draws the diffuse and lightmap information.

Currently there is no documentation other than the simple examples and source code - sorry.

Documentation for the 3dw studio file format is in the 3d world studio help file.

This project is based off the following code

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